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Keeping pests out of your hair starts at home. To make the most of your pest control, our experts have put together some handy blogs to help you on your way to becoming a pest control expert!

How to Get Rid of Gnats – Gnat Repellent

Despite their tiny stature, they remain a giant nuisance to man and beats alike. Using the proper screens to open windows and doors on a […]

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Can You Get Hantavirus from Old Mice Droppings?

Pests are a problem and not just because they are unsettling but because they can spread bacteria and disease. Pests like mice carry and transfer bacteria […]

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How Far do European Hornets Travel from the Nest

The European Hornet in Pennsylvania European hornets are the largest of the social wasps in Pennsylvania and measure over an inch long. They look like large […]

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House Fly Infestation – Large Black Flies in my House

With the warmer weather people tend to open their doors and windows allowing the nice fresh air to come in. Air is going to flow […]

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