House Fly Infestation – Large Black Flies in my House

With the warmer weather people tend to open their doors and windows allowing the nice fresh air to come in. Air is going to flow through but pests are heading in as well. You need to be cautious when opening doors and windows so that you don’t end up with a huge pest infestation. One of the pests that come out often times on a nice hot day are house flies and other flies. These big flies are a problem for many people mostly because of their annoyance factor. The most common way to handle some unruly bugs is to grab a fly swatter or magazine and start smacking away. They are fairly tricky so you need to wait for them to land and have precise aim to knock one out of commission. Then you have to clean up the fly after it has died and dispose of it.

The Most Common Flies That May Invade Your Home This Summer

It’s not uncommon to find flies around your house in the summer. Below are the most common large flies you may find invading your home.

Where do House Flies Come From?

One of the flies that are most commonly found in homes during the summer months is called a housefly. They are usually grey in color and have four stripes down their thorax. They also have small hairs all over their body that they use for tasting. The females will lay their eggs in a nice warm area that will also work as food for their larvae. The scariest part is that the females often lay around 100 eggs at a time and they hatch in less than a single day. That is why you might leave for work with no problem and come home to a house full of flies. During the daylight hours they are normally found hanging on walls and ceilings and when they are disturbed they will fly around. At night they usually have a spot that is good for them to feed on. The night resting spot should be moved away from the house which will keep them further away from your home. The reason you want to keep them away is because of the disease and bacteria they carry. They carry different pathogens on their legs and when they land on your skin or food preparation areas etc, you can contract the illness.

Blow Flies and Bottle Flies

The next common fly you might see buzzing all over your home and property is the blow fly which is also called a bottle fly. They have an interesting color which comes in metallic blue and green. They are loud and just like the house fly they can be a real nuisance. They take a bit longer than the house fly to emerge from their egg state but only about three days. They feed most commonly on decaying meat but can be found enjoying organic matter as well. They are just as likely to carry disease and bacteria.

Vinegar Flies VS Fruit Flies

These flies are commonly found in pantry and kitchen areas. Vinegar flies are often mistakenly called fruit flies as they are often found around over-ripened fruit and vegetables. Adults are tiny, measuring about 1/16 of an inch long. They are light yellowish-brown to dark brown in color.

Fly Infestation Control

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