How to Get Rid of Gnats – Gnat Repellent

Despite their tiny stature, they remain a giant nuisance to man and beats alike. Using the proper screens to open windows and doors on a beautiful day and ensuring the little holes are properly sealed can significantly help reduce pests in your home, even gnats, but there are other ways gnats are getting into your home. We at Pest Control Technicians, Inc will like to take the opportunity to discuss the gnats that are likely to be in your home.

Where Do Fungus & Fruit Fly Gnats Come From?

For starters, the two most common gnats that are likely infesting your home or business are either the fungus gnat or the fruit fly gnat. Indifferent to flesh and blood like other gnat cousins, these gnats are often found devouring fermenting foods and beverages found in trash bins or even in jars of apple cider vinegar. Instead of flying into your home, which they are quite capable of and still can, they are often brought inside off the very purchases you make from the supermarket or plant nursery; as they come in usually in potted plants or produce. The better fed these gnats are, the more they are able to multiply. Initially, dozens of gnats can be seen traversing the walls and ceilings but as their numbers grow; the cloud of gnats can be fairly visible as they hover.

Gnat Repellent & Prevention

When the fruit fly gnat and fungus gnat are introduced into your home, they immediately are on the prowl looking for favorable edibles as opposed to the open wounds and feces as other gnats are. In an effort to keep contain the gnat population, apply the tips listed below.

  1. Quality screens: Do not be seduced by ideal temperatures and leave the doors and windows open without a screen. Ensure the screens are a small gauge to keep gnats out and periodically inspect the screens installed on your windows and doors for their condition and efficiency.
  2. Sealed trash: Keep the lid securely fastened on trash bins; if your trash bins do not have lids, consider replacing them. In the meanwhile, be sure to take the trash out regularly. Wash out trash cans every couple of months as well.
  3. Proper fruit and veggie storage: Instead of the counter or table to store your fresh produce, immediately pack it away in the refrigerator when you get home.
  4. Diligent cleaning: In order to contain the population of any fly species, good sanitation is crucial. Flies that have little to feast on will often move on in search of a convenient food supply. A clean home is a healthier home and without diligent maintenance not only will you have a gnat problem, but additional pests as well especially those that prey on gnats such as spiders for example.

Gnat Infestation Control

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