Philadelphia’s Pest Control Checklist: Preparing for Fall and Winter

Summer has ended, and fall and winter are quickly approaching. Even though some bug activity may decrease as the weather cools, some pests are still alive and active during these times. We’ve put together a checklist to help you keep your home free from any uninvited guests as we approach these cooler seasons. 

Seal Cracks

During the fall and winter seasons, pests of all kinds—ants, mites, rodents, and everything in between—are looking for shelter from the cooling weather. Unfortunately for those wanting to enjoy a pest-free holiday season, your home is the perfect location for these pests. Many of these pests can get into your home through small cracks in your floors and walls. Ticks—who have their hatching and larvae season in the fall—may even use these cracks to lay their eggs. As you’re preparing for the cooler weather, investigate your home’s walls and floors for any cracks or holes, and seal them to avoid any unwanted guests.

Repair Window Screens 

As the cool, crisp fall air comes in, you may want to open your windows and enjoy the beautiful Philadelphia fall weather. However, if your window screens are broken or ripped, you may get more than you bargained for. Flying insects can use these small holes and tears as an entrance to your home. We strongly recommend making sure any tears in your window screens are repaired before opening your windows for long periods of time. 

Carefully Store Food

Pests of all kinds are attracted to food. As you’re preparing for big holiday feasts and festivities, make sure any extra food or waste is properly sealed and disposed of. Leaving food out is a sure way to attract pests and rodents into your home. Even more dangerous, unproperly disposed of food may attract other wildlife as they search for food in the winter. 

Check Crawlspaces and Attics

Pests love dark, warm, moist spaces. Unfortunately, this means your crawlspace or attic may attract pests looking to shield themselves from the cold. Ensuring that your crawlspace is ventilating appropriately and that your attic is protected from outside pests should be on your to-do list as the fall rolls around. However, if you believe a wild animal could be hiding in one of the spaces, you should call in the professionals for wildlife control services rather than handling it yourself. 

Invest in Preventative Pest Control Services

The best pest control treatment is prevention. Rather than waiting until you have a bug, rodent, or wildlife problem, hiring a qualified pest control specialist—like the team at PCT—will save you a lot of time, energy, and money. Preventative services can spray your home to create a barrier from pests, plant strategic traps for any stray rodents, and ensure no wildlife is hiding within your home. Before you settle in for the winter, consider first having a pest control specialist inspect and treat your home.

Have a Pest-Free Fall and Winter with PCT 

Here at PCT, we’ve been serving the Philadelphia area for over 45 years. We know how to get rid of mice, rats, wildlife, bugs, and anything else that may be bothering you this holiday season. Whether you want preventative care for all seasons or need same-day pest control services, PCT is here for you! Get a free quote today to enjoy a pest-free autumn and winter.


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