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Commercial Services

Apartments, Condominiums, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Nursing Care, Pest Control Technicians, Inc services them all! Difficult jobs are no problem for Pest Control Technicians, Inc. We specialize in solving pest management problems where other companies have failed! You won’t have to accept pests in your facility any longer. With our state of the art pest management treatments and our 45 years of experience with commercial, industrial and institutional accounts we can help!

Case Study: Hospitals


1. A hospital was having mice enter the operating rooms, in some cases while the room was in use. Their current company failed to find the source of the infestation and the problem continued. In a panic, they called Pest Control Technicians, Inc. and PCT found the source of infestation and the route the rodents were using to access the OR area. In less than 2 weeks Pest Control Technicians, Inc eliminated the source of rodent infestation and has kept the hospital rodent free for over 10 years!


2. A hospital called and was very unhappy with their current pest services provider over a fly problem in many sensitive areas of the hospital. PCT performed a thorough inspection of the hospital and the surrounding areas and found that the fly problem was coming from animal manure at an adjoining property. PCT then designed effective fly control measures both outside and inside the hospital that stopped the fly problems. Fast and effective elimination of the fly infestations were what the hospital needed and that is what Pest Control Technicians, Inc delivered!

Case Study: Restaurants


1. A restaurant had had 3 different pest control companies over a 4 year period that all promised to eliminate a severe and persistent mouse infestation. Instead of eliminating the infestations they were actually making the problems worse. During our inspection of the restaurant we found out why other companies have failed to eliminate this persistent and embarrassing infestation. The previous companies were using methods that taught the mice to avoid the traps that were being used by them. These were literally making the problems worse instead of better. The challenge for PCT was to eliminate these behaviorally resistant mice without using the traps that the mice would not approach. After working with the management to close holes and place sweeps on doors to prevent future infestations, we began to eliminate mice there were nesting deep in voids throughout the dining room and kitchen areas. Using creative techniques that worked around the trap shyness, we successfully eliminated the infestations over a period of 30 days. The owner of the restaurant sent PCT the payment for the intensive services with a note saying that we have achieved what he thought was impossible.


2. Pest Control Technicians, Inc. took over the pest management services for a chain of fast food restaurants. As we inspected we found severe drain fly infestations at most of the locations. PCT developed individualized treatment programs for each store, and in just 2 weeks, with the cooperation of the management in our requests for repairs and sanitation improvements, completely eliminated the fly infestations. Shortly after our success in these stores the General Manager called our office and said that these stores have had fly infestations for 2 years and PCT eliminated the problems in just 2 weeks! He said he was thrilled with the value and services that Pest Control Technicians, Inc provided!

German Roaches

3. A recent inspection of a local restaurant showed that the restaurant, basement and support areas were all heavily infested with German roaches. PCT discovered that they were using a pest control company for service, but not a company with the wide ranging commercial pest management experience. This company was trying, but just did not have the expertise to eliminate these severe roach infestations. Pest Control Technicians, Inc. has the knowledge, experience and the equipment to effectively treat severe roach infestations, even infestations hiding deep in equipment and other voids. During our initial intensive service PCT flushed out and killed thousands of roaches, greatly reducing the populations in just a few hours. PCT followed up on the initial treatment and found that only a few roach infestations remained and these were subsequently eliminated on the next treatment.



Pest Control Technicians, Inc. received the pest management service contract for a 100 unit building because of an ongoing mouse infestation in units that was getting worse by the week. The PCT inspection of this structure showed how the mice were moving about in the building and that the infestations were originating from the trash compactor rooms that their previous company had not been treating. PCT performed a through baiting of the building and in less than 2 weeks stopped all mouse calls in the building. A call from the manager a week later said how amazed he and the residents were that PCT provided such expertise and service to eliminate the mouse activity. He said he would highly recommend us if we ever needed a reference from a satisfied customer.

Roaches and Bed Bugs

Pest Control Technicians, Inc. was called out to an apartment building that was in bankruptcy, but was being operated by a management company that was charged with improving the conditions in the building for a future sale of the property. Of the 55 units in the building, over 75% had active bed bug infestations and all units had severe German roach infestations. The building had not had any pest management services for a very long time. Working with the building management and the tenants, PCT devised a system to treat all units, hallways and common spaces for these pests. After the intensive initial treatments and follow up inspections, Pest Control Technicians, Inc. eliminated all of the bed bugs and roach infestations. The management was happy that PCT made their job easier in preparing the building for sale and the tenants were thrilled to have pest free apartments again after living with these pests for over a year.

We were recently published in the Pest Management Professional Magazine.