How to Get Rid of Recluse Spiders

As the name suggests, the Mediterranean recluse is an introduced species that has spread worldwide. It inhabits the northeastern United States and has become established in the steam tunnels of Penn State.

Recluse Spiders Hunt to Catch Their Prey

The brown recluse has a uniformly light brown color across the abdomen and legs. A violin shaped marking with the neck pointing to the rear near the head gives this arachnid it alias as the fiddle-back spider. Like the black widow spider, brown recluse spiders like the same dark sheltered areas. These spiders, like tarantulas, are hunters but not ambush hunters. They are mobile hunters roaming your house for prey. Their disorganized ground level webs aren’t used to capture prey. The critters are like the leopard of cheetahs of the African savanna, they roam and hunt looking for prey, therefore, they are highly mobile. All arachnids are predators. They help to reduce insect populations in and around our homes. Most of us appreciate nature, but are reluctant to share or domiciles with natures denizens. Nature outside, peace and harmony inside. Though most arachnids can go extended periods without nutrition, they are predators and follow their prey. Numerous sighting is varying parts of the house may indicate other insect infestations.

Bite from a Brown Recluse Spider

They are shy and rarely bite unless aggravated. Most physical contact tends to be advertent. Generally, most bites from these two species may go unnoticed for hours, and effects will manifest themselves with redness at the bite site. It will fade away. Uncommonly necrosis will result in ulceration of the tissue. Those with allergic reaction to insect or spider venoms may be a risk of anaphylactic shock or autoimmune conditions, the result can be fatal, but that goes for fire ants as well. The Mediterranean recluse bites are much less likely to be dangerous and are a lower order venom. The brown recluse venom is a tissue destroying toxins and the female carries nearly twice the load as a male. These venoms begin the break down and begin the digestion of the prey’s internal organs for later consumption. As mentioned most bites are unremarkable. Very few verified recluse spiders bites have resulted in death, and those were related to autoimmune disorder or allergic reactions.

Spider Repellent & Prevention

Make sure that clutter, trash and garbage is removed from around the home. If spiders have breeding areas suited to their preferred habitation close to the house, at some point they will migrate indoors. Foliage attracts the herbivore, that attract the predators. The jungle is fine outside, but we really would prefer it wasn’t inside as well. Some home tips, good for any poisons multi-legged creatures:

  • Don’t store boxes under the bed.
  • Keep any bedding from contact with the floor, the can climb.
  • Keep your bed away from walls.
  • Don’t store clothes, shoes or towels on the floor. And be sure to shake’em out, just in case.

Spider Control

Of course they can climb walls and cross ceilings … and sometimes they fall. Pest Control Technicians, Inc can minimize spider populations in your home by eliminating the insects that spiders love to eat. Call us for a consultation and custom pest control recommendations today!


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