How to Get Rid of a Masked Hunter Bug Infestation

There are so many different insects in the world that it can hard to be an expert about all of them. Thankfully you don’t have to be an expert on all of them! You just have to know where to turn to for an expert when you come across an insect that you just don’t know what to do about. At Pest Control Technicians, Inc we have made it our business to be the experts on the insects that are here in Greater Philadelphia, PA. Today we are going to talk about a bug that you may have never heard of – the masked hunter.

Assassin Bugs

The masked hunter’s scientific name is reduvius personatus. Masked hunters camouflage themselves with the dust when they are not fully mature. That is how they got their name masked hunter. The masked hunter belongs to the assassin bug family. It is currently found in most states in the eastern and central parts of the United States.

What Do Masked Hunter Bugs Look Like?

Masked hunters range in size from 0.686 inches to 0.875 inches long. They are black or very dark brown in color when they are adults. When they are younger they are lighter in color. They have a glossy look to them. They have relatively small head and wide set eyes. The masked hunter has wings that are held horizontally over the abdomen. Their wings look like leather. Their body is covered with thin upright hairs. They have short, three-segmented thickened mouthparts that they use to pierce their prey. The parts of the mouth curve down and backwards. When they are not using them to catch prey they are tucked between their front legs.

What Do Masked Hunter Insects Eat?

They feed on small arthropods like woodlice, lacewings, earwigs, bed bugs and swallow bugs. Since they prey on these bugs that can be an annoyance some homeowners think that leaving masked hunters alone to kill the other annoying insects will help control them. But the masked hunter is not reliable enough of a hunter to eliminate these other insects. You are definitely better off getting rid of the masked hunters.

Masked Hunter Bug Bite

Masked hunters will bite humans if they are mishandled or trapped between your clothing and your skin. They do not feed on blood or transmit diseases so that is comforting to know if you are ever bitten by one of them. Their bites are known to cause intense pain when they bite you. If you are bitten by a masked hunter you will want to watch the area of the bite carefully. If the affected area starts to swell excessively you will want to seek medical attention.

Pest Management

Masked hunters like to live around buildings and in wooded areas. They will only come indoors if they are seeking relief from cold weather. Masked hunters are attracted to light so many times they can be found near a light source. They are nocturnal insects so you do not frequently see them during the day. If you have found yourself with masked hunters on your property you will want to call in help. Pest Control Technicians, Inc can come out and help you get rid of them with our pest control in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Give us a call today!


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