5 Best Practices for Mosquito Prevention in Pennsylvania

Mosquitoes are an annoying pest. They ruin summer outings, cause itchy bumps, and can even spread dangerous diseases. We know you want the best prevention strategies against these pests. That’s why we’re sharing our top five tips on how to prevent mosquitoes in your home and yard. 

Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes need still, standing water in order to lay their eggs and for their young to grow properly. So any standing water around your home can quickly become a mosquito breeding ground. Getting rid of standing water will prevent mosquitoes at the very source. Some steps you can take to avoid collecting still water are: 

  1. Regularly dump out and clean any objects that can be filled with rainwater (buckets, toys, plastic chairs, trash cans, gutters, etc.) 
  2. Cover pools when possible, keep the water circulated and maintain chemical or salt treatments to make water inhospitable to pests
  3. Check and maintain your yard’s drainage to ensure sitting water isn’t in your lawn

Maintain Landscape

As we mentioned in the last section, your yard itself can become a hub for mosquitoes. But this does not only apply to your lawn. Mosquitoes can also be attracted to your trees, bushes, and shrubbery. Densely-packed, leafy areas like this perfecting resting spots for mosquitoes when they aren’t flying, and the leaves offer them good protection from potential predators. You can keep your yard and landscaping from becoming overrun by mosquitoes by regularly trimming and caring for any leafy plants around your home. 

Use Mosquito Repellents

One of the most common ways to prevent mosquitoes is by using repellents. Mosquito repellents come in many forms: sprays, zappers, candles, and more. Candles and zappers are going to be more useful in thehttps://pctbugfree.com/contact/ventio broad sense of keeping mosquitoes out of an area or killing them when they enter. There are also chemical treatments you can put in standing water to kill eggs and larvae. Sprays are important to use when you want to protect yourself. Using a combination of different repellents will help minimize your and your family’s exposure to mosquito bites. 

Keep Doors and Windows Sealed

Mosquitoes are bad enough outside; the last thing you want is for them to be inside. Mosquitoes are actually not very strong fliers, so if the weather endangers their safety, such as high winds or rain, they may seek shelter inside your home. To prevent these pests from entering your home, you’ll want to ensure your doors and windows are properly sealed. Mosquitoes can fit in a hole as small as 10 mm, so your window screens shouldn’t have holes bigger than that and repair any rips or tears. 

Seek Professional Pest Control Services

Sometimes, the only way to deal with a mosquito problem is to call in the professionals. Professionals like us here at Pest Control Technicians, Inc., are dedicated to making sure your home is mosquito-free while protecting the environment, pets, and little ones with our gentle, environmentally-friendly treatment options. Our treatment plans ensure that you can enjoy the beautiful Pennsylvania outdoors without the fear of bites or mosquito-borne diseases year-round. 

Get Rid of Mosquitoes from Your Home with PCT

We at PCT are the experts in mosquito control. We have treatment options for all seasons to keep your home mosquito and pest free. We’re even offering $75 off mosquito and tick treatment for all seasons! Trust the professionals of over 45 years in Pennsylvania pest control, and get a free quote from us today!


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