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Save $50 on Pest Control Services Backed by 45+ Years of Experience

No one deserves to be stuck living with pests. For total protection from all types of local insects and wildlife, you want to work with the experts at Pest Control Technicians, Inc. We provide pest control in Philadelphia and the surrounding metro area that is administered by technicians with years of ongoing training under their belts and backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Call today to save $50 on your pest control package!

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Pest Control in Southeast Pennsylvania

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Home sweet home is less sweet when it’s crawling with pests. Here at Pest Control Technicians, Inc., we’ve been protecting homes, health, and families since 1976. We know better than anyone how emotionally and financially devastating a pest infestation can be, and we’re here to help. Our environmentally friendly pest control in the Philadelphia area is delivered by licensed technicians who undergo frequent online and field training in inspection techniques, PPE usage, and pest identification. Our exterminators are also trained in customer service and communication, meaning we’ll be there with you through every step of the process so you always know what’s being done for your home. 

Our exterminators in Southeast Pennsylvania can treat for any of the following pests:

  • Ants
  • Nuisance wildlife
  • Mice
  • Norway Rats
  • Termites
  • Stinging Insects
  • Stink bugs
  • Bed bugs
  • Moths
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Centipedes
  • Rodents
  • And more!

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All Seasons

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all seasons package

Will eliminate all current infestations and protect your home against household pests for the long haul. 

All Seasons Plus

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all seasons plus pest control program

Will eliminate all current infestations and protect your home against a variety of household pests + termites.

All Seasons Premier

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all seasons premier package

Will eliminate all current infestations and protect your home against household pests + termites + mosquitoes.

Receive Treatments Provided by EPA-Awarded Exterminators

As locals of the Philadelphia area, providing pest control that is eco-friendly and environmentally conscious is one of our top priorities here at PCT. Not only are our exterminators trained in safe and effective chemical handling and storage techniques, but we also utilize organic products to protect our planet. In fact, PCT has been recognized as a Steward of the Environment by the EPA! 

When you partner with us for pest control in Philadelphia, you can look forward to the following.

  • A free same-day inspection by one of our trained exterminators to assess the state of your infestation and to identify potential treatment plans.
  • Eco-friendly technology and minimal pesticide use to reduce environmental impact.
  • Granular exterior treatments with organic pesticides.
  • Year-round protection with four seasonal treatments.
  • Free follow-ups as needed to keep your home pest-free!

Guaranteed Pest Control Services 

Here at PCT, we’ve spent 45+ years perfecting and expanding our solutions for pest control in the Philadelphia area. Our service is defined by a commitment to the environment and customer satisfaction, and we take our work seriously. We’re so sure that we can eliminate your pest infestation that we offer a service guarantee: if you experience pest issues between your scheduled treatments, all you have to do is call us. One of our trained exterminators will be there in no time to remove the offending pests—at no additional cost to you. Plus, we offer same-day inspections and servicing when possible, so you never have to wait when dealing with an infestation.

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Ant Control in Southeast Pennsylvania

If you see one or two ants crawling up your porch or walls, there are more than likely over 1,000 ants near or in your home as they live in colonies—that number can be worrisome as some ants are known to bite and some people are allergies to ants. If you see any trace of odorous house ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants, or fire ants—the most common ants you'll see in the Philadelphia area—skip the DIY ant treatments and give PCT a call, and one of our exterminators will be there shortly to eliminate the ant colonies. 

Ways to prevent ant infestations:

  • Tidy up your house—especially where kids eat and play—often.
  • Vacuum and wipe up crumbs on countertops and tables, both inside and out.
  • Keep your food stored in proper, sealed containers.
  • Clean up accumulations of tree leaves and logs where ants can build their colonies.
  • Make sure branches or vines don't touch your house.
  • Have regularly scheduled pest control services.


Cockroach Control in Southeast Pennsylvania

In addition to being just plain creepy, cockroaches carry Salmonella, Typhi, Poliomyelitis, and many other dangerous bacteria and diseases. It’s safe to say you don’t want these pests in your kitchen or bathroom! Unfortunately, these insects are active year-round, with their reproduction cycle taking place in the warm summer months and the cold winter air driving them inside your home in search of shelter later in the year. Here at PCT, we have all the solutions you need to eliminate any cockroach infestation. 

Our cockroach control in Philadelphia can handle all local types of roaches:

  • American cockroaches
  • German cockroaches
  • Oriental cockroaches

Stink Bug Control in Southeast Pennsylvania

Stink bugs are an invasive species that was introduced to the U.S. on a shipping container from Asia. Although not dangerous to your family, they release a pungent chemical as a defense mechanism that can leave your house smelling awful. They are drawn into homes to avoid colder temperatures, so you'll likely begin to see signs of them in September and October. Stink bugs may also begin to appear in your home in the winter, being drawn from hiding in walls into the interior of your home to seek more warmth as temperatures drop.

These pests attract more of their own kind through chemical signals, so a few stink bugs can turn into many before you know it. PCT provides stink bug control that is designed to eliminate these pests quickly and effectively. Our stink bug exterminators target potential entry points in order to stop these invaders in their tracks, keeping them from taking over your home. 

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Pest Control FAQ

Pest control can be complicated, but PCT makes it easy. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have throughout your pest treatment process, but to get you started, here are some frequently asked questions about our pest control in the Philadelphia area:

Is professional pest control worth it?

DIY and store-bought solutions for pest control can be a Band-Aid solution, but they will rarely stop the problem at its source. Not to mention, most homeowners lack the experience needed to use these products properly and might put themselves and their loved ones at risk by using pest control products incorrectly. When you work with professionals, you have the benefit of satisfaction guarantees, industry training, and recurring service. Going the professional route is the smartest choice for your health and wallet.

Why should I invest in a professional maintenance program?

Professional exterminators in Southeast Pennsylvania will not only be trained in how to safely and effectively utilize pest control products, but they will also have the added expertise necessary to identify the source of infestations, entry points, and other important factors to consider when trying to eliminate pests. Recurring treatment plans are often necessary for long-term solutions, and a professional will be able to establish a reliable service plan for consistent results. In the long run, you’ll save money and headache by working with the experts.

Are professional products safe around pets and children?

Here at PCT, we prioritize using EPA-approved products and methods that are safe for you, children, and pets, and the environment. 

Is it necessary for me and my family to leave the home during pest control sprays and applications?

It is rare that you’ll need to leave your home for a treatment. Typically, only severe infestations require a home or business to be evacuated. Your technicians will communicate with you throughout your treatment process, keeping you up-to-date on what you can expect with your service. 

How quickly do pest infestations dwindle?

You’ll likely see results within a two-week period. However, some factors, such as the type and number of pests you’re dealing with, can speed up or slow down the process. 

Are pest maintenance plans beneficial?

Preventative and recurring treatments are an important part of keeping pests from returning.

Why are pests coming into my home?

Even the cleanest homes fall victim to pests. Often, insects and wildlife are simply searching for shelter, food, and water—things that they can easily find in your home. 

Termites and ants look so similar. How can I make the distinction?

The easiest way to tell the difference between ants and termites is to look at their anatomy:

  • Ants have elbowed antennae, a pinched waist, and four wings, and front wings that are longer than the rear wings.
  • Termites are straight-bodied, have no waist, and have four translucent wings of equal length.​

Areas We Provide Pest Control Services

Our team at Pest Control Technicians, Inc. has been proud to serve our community since 1976 by providing quality pest control in the Philadelphia area. We know local pests better than anyone, and our organic and EPA-awarded treatments are designed to be easy on our environment but tough on pests.

We proudly provide pest control in the Philadelphia Metro Area, including the following cities:

And Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, Chester, Philadelphia, and Berks counties!

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