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Our Philadelphia Pest Control Blog

Keeping pests out of your hair starts at home. To make the most of your pest control, our experts have put together some handy blogs to help you on your way to becoming a pest control expert!

squirrel in snow eating acorn

Common Winter Pests in Pennsylvania

Most agree that the prime activity for pests is during the summer, but not all pests become dormant during the chillier months of fall and winter. Many pests will come indoors to escape the extreme colder temperatures, food, water, and protection from predators.Read more
mama possum with babies on back up in tree

What Do Possums Eat?

Pennsylvania is home to many residents and unfortunately, pests. Wildlife shares many of the traits of other pests that invade our homes and businesses.Read more
Recluse Spiders up close in clothes

How to Get Rid of Recluse Spiders

The Brown Recluse and Mediterranean Recluse Spider have taken up residence in our state of Pennsylvania. They may not be as common as other spiders but in today’s society, they are easily transported in boxes and similar items.Read more
gnat up close on counter

How to Get Rid of Gnats - Gnat Repellent

The small cracks, gaps, and holes found around the exterior of your home are all little invitations to many pests, especially if a door or window is wide open; such pests that find this welcoming include gnats.Read more