Stink Bug Control

The stink bug invasion is on! Stink bugs invaded eastern Pennsylvania about 15 years ago through a shipping container from Asia that was shipped to the Allentown area. Since their entry into the state these insects are now found in New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. Stink bugs do not bite or sting but can produce a disagreeable odor when crushed or sucked into a vacuum cleaner.

Stink bugs have become the number one agricultural pest in the United States in the last 100 years according to the US Department of Agriculture! These insects prefer to feed on small fruits and vegetables where they leave holes or spots on the produce, greatly reducing their monetary value when the farmer goes to sell them. The natural overwintering locations for stink bugs are under loose tree bark around farm fields. Our homes, to the stink bug, look just like loose tree bark and they move inside the voids of our homes. The void areas include attics, crawl spaces and wall voids around windows and doors.

When stink bugs enter our homes they release some of the “stink chemical” that attracts other stink bugs to the same location, so some homes can get stink bug infestations by the hundreds or even thousands of insects. This invasion of our homes occurs in September and October each year. People also see stink bugs in February and March inside their homes but they are just the insects that have over wintered in a wall voids and are now emerging into the warm locations of your home. Invading stink bugs will lie dormant in these voids all winter long and begin to emerge in early spring when the sun begins to warm the exterior and voids of our homes.

Stink bug control

What can be done about the stink bugs in my home? The best time to treat for stink bugs in Southeastern Pennsylvania is from mid September to mid October depending on weather conditions. Pest Control Technicians has a full range of effective stink bug treatments for homes and commercial buildings. Our service helps target entry points on the structures so we can kill invading stink bugs before they get into the living space of your home or business.

Before stink bugs raise a big stink in your home call Pest Control Technicians for our effective stink bug program treatments!