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Protect Your Loved Ones from Stinging Insect Bites with PCT!

Let Pest Control Technicians take the sting out of stinging insect control! In Southeastern Pennsylvania, we have a large number of stinging insect species. This leads to a high number of people and pets getting stung by stinging insects each year. The venom that is injected by the stinging insect can cause anaphylactic shock, a potentially fatal condition in about 3% of all people. Stay safe with our stinging insect control!

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Stinging Insect Control Ner Me

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When you call us, our goal is to keep you safe from stinging insects. These infestations can occur in multiple places. Yellow Jackets prefer ground nests under rocks or other objects, but will also nest in wall voids of homes. Wasps build their paper nests in protected areas such as around the windows of a home. European hornets like to nest high up in trees or on our homes, and carpenter bees infest wood from ground level up but rarely sting anyone. Bumble Bees nest in the ground in protected areas. These are all things we keep in mind when coming up with your plan for stinging insect control. 

Our service offers protection from:

  • Yellow Jackets
  • Hornets
  • Wasps
  • Honey Bees
  • Cicada Killer Wasps

It is always a good idea to look around for stinging insect activity before you start setting up for a picnic, gardening, or tree trimming. If you have small children playing in your yard look around first before you let the little ones out to play. If you see stinging insect activity, chances are you already have an infestation. Call us for our professional services and same-day servicing for most stinging insect treatments so you can get back to enjoying your outdoor spaces.


Our Stinging Insect Service

Stinging insects are one pest you don't want to deal with on your own. The threat of being stung simply isn't worth the hassle of DIY stinging insect control. If you notice an infestation or see the signs of one, let us come out and handle it for you. Our service technicians wear bee-proof suits when they're applying treatment and have been trained to safely remove nests. 

Our stinging insect control service includes:

  • Treatments applied directly to nests.
  • Removal of nests when possible.
  • Same-day service when possible.
  • 60-day warranty on treatments.

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This is a job for the professional who knows the different species of stinging insects and how to properly approach the nest and treat it with professional products. Let Pest Control Technicians take the danger and the sting out of stinging insect control! We offer same-day service for most stinging insect treatments so you can get relief when you need it!

We proudly provide bee control near you. The cities we provide service include:

And Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, Chester, Philadelphia, and Berks counties!

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