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Pest Control Technicians, Inc (PCT) was founded in 1976 by Joseph Silvestrini, BS Biology to offer state of the art solutions to everyday and difficult pest infestations. Many things have changed in the pest management industry since Pest Control Technicians, Inc was founded, but PCT has always been in the forefront of developing new and more environmentally sound pest solutions

Pest Control Technicians, Inc. offers a full range of pest management, termite and wildlife control services, including our Four Seasons Residential Service Program. If you have a pest problem, PCT, Inc has an affordable, effective safe solution to your problem.

  • Ants are the number one pest in our area today. Pest Control Technicians, Inc. offers effective pest management services for these pests no matter how severe or unusual the problem. Swarming ants can sometimes resemble swarming termites. It is important to know the difference since subterranean termites can cause severe damage to the wooden structure of your home. PCT can properly identify the insect and offer effective ant control treatments.
  • Nuisance Wildlife problems are becoming more widespread as people prefer to live in more natural settings. Skunks and bats can carry serious diseases, wood chucks can undermine building foundations, and snakes also raise concerns as well. Pest Control Technicians, Inc. has solutions for your nuisance wildlife problems that usually do not result in harm to the animal. Knowing the biology and habits of these pests as well as offering effective, creative solutions to nuisance wildlife problems is a specialty of PCT!
  • Mice and Rat infestations pose a danger to homeowners since these destructive pests can spread disease, ruin foods that they feed on, and can cause fires due to the rodents gnawing on electrical wiring. Pest Control Technicians, Inc. will offer you the best solutions possible after we perform a thorough inspection of your home. Our inspection will also point out possible rodent entry points that we can close for you to prevent future rodent entry into your home. PCT has solved rodent infestations in many of the large high rise buildings in Philadelphia, and we can do the same for your home. Contact us today for fast effective rodent control services for your mice or rat infestations.
  • Subterranean Termites can cause extensive damage to the wooden structures of your home. We have seen a number of homes in the years past that were so severely damaged that they had to be razed and rebuilt. Your home is usually the biggest investment that you will make in your lifetime. Don’t allow termites to destroy it. Swarming termites can sometimes resemble swarming ants. It is important to know the difference! PCT can properly identify the insect swarmer and offer effective termite treatments.
  • Pest Control Technicians, Inc. has a full range of effective solutions for any termite infestations you may have. It is best to have you home inspected by one of our qualified wood destroying insect inspectors at least once every three years.
  • Bees, Wasps and Hornets can cause painful, and in some cases, life threatening stings. Stinging insect control should not be attempted by a homeowner not properly trained for this work. Pest Control Technicians, Inc has 39 years of experience in treating for these dangerous insects. Whether it is a ground nesting insect, or a hornets’ nest up in a tree, PCT can treat the infestation and stop these insects in their tracks.
  • Stink Bugs are an annoying home invader that is an invasive species that was accidentally brought into the USA around the year 2000. These pests are difficult to treat since just the right products must be used to prevent these pests from entering your home. Pest Control Technicians, Inc. has the knowledge of the state of the art products and application techniques to prevent stink bug entry into your home.
  • Bed Bug infestations are growing at an alarming rate! Pest Control Technicians, Inc. has a full range of bed bug treatment options including our new and exclusive Low Preparation Bed Bug Treatment Program! Call PCT today to have your home properly and professionally inspected for these creepy and annoying pests.
  • Clothes Moths, Stored Products Pests, Spiders, Silverfish, Centipedes and all other home invading insects are professionally treated by Pest Control Technicians, Inc every day! Call our office for more details!

We were recently published in the Pest Management Professional Magazine.