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Save $50 On Pest Control in Norristown

If your home is overrun by creepy crawlies, it’s time to call the experts. Here at Pest Control Technicians, we deliver quality, environmentally friendly pest control backed by over 40 years of industry experience.

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100% Service Guarantee

With PCT, your home is guaranteed to be pest-free. On the off chance that pests return, we will re-treat at no additional costs. That's the peace of mind you deserve.

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Environmentally Responsible

At PCT, we only use products that are safe for the environment. In fact, the EPA recognized us as a Steward of the Environment!

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After 45+ years, we have the technology and knowledge to effectively treat both 30-story commercial buildings and your residential home. There isn’t a pest issue PCT can’t solve!

King of Prussia, PA

Highly recommended. Very nice, friendly techs and products that work!

Pest Control in Norristown

Pest infestations happen when you least expect them. Here in Pennsylvania, our climate offers the perfect conditions for a variety of insects and animals to thrive, leaving you more likely to encounter them in your backyard or home. If you’re sick of dealing with these invaders, help is at hand from your local experts at Pest Control Technicians. Our team has been providing quality pest control in Norristown since 1976, and our staff is made up of exterminators with the best training and products in the industry. 

Our pest control exterminators in Norristown treat for the following pests:

  • Ants
  • Nuisance wildlife
  • Rodents
  • Termites
  • Stinging Insects
  • Stink bugs
  • Bed bugs
  • Moths
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Centipedes
  • And more!

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Norristown Exterminators Endorsed by the EPA

Many DIY and store-bought solutions to pests are gimmicks, and some even contain toxic chemicals that can be a risk to your health if used incorrectly. When you work with PCT, all that guesswork will be a thing of that past. Our exterminators in Norristown are trained in chemical handling/storage, identification, PPE use, and other important aspects of pest control so they can provide our eco-friendly treatments safely and effectively. In fact, our commitment to reducing the use of liquid pesticides has earned us the title of Steward of the Environment with the EPA!

When you team up with us for pest control in Norristown, you can expect the following:

  • A free same-day inspection to identify your issue and the best possible solutions.
  • Recurring seasonal treatments to keep infestations at bay.
  • Eco-friendly products and methods, such as granular exterior treatments.
  • Follow-ups as needed!

We’ll Get Rid of Pests—Guaranteed!

Pests can do lasting damage to your home and health, so when you choose a pest control company in Norristown, you need someone who will eliminate your infestation quickly and completely. With PCT, that’s just the type of service you’ll get. Our pest control in Norristown is designed to be organic and family-and-pet-safe while also providing the most effective solution. When you partner with us, you’ll have the security of our 100% satisfaction guarantee: if your infestation return between scheduled treatments, give us a call, and you’ll get a free re-service in no time. We’re that committed to your health, safety, and happiness. 

Save $50 on pest control today!

Termite Treatment in Norristown

Few pests are as destructive as termites. These insects are capable of costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in-home repairs (none of which are covered by most home insurance plans!) and are hard to identify with the untrained eye. It’s safe to say that when you have an infestation, you want professional assistance! For termite treatment in Norristown that will eliminate your colony completely, call Pest Control Technicians. We’ve spent over 40 years perfecting our methods to be fast, effective, and minimally invasive. 

Our termite treatment in Norristown includes:

  • A free same-day professional inspection to find and identify the species of termite attacking your home.
  • Multiple monitoring stations to assess termite activity.
  • A combination of Taurus products and eco-friendly Ensystex baiting systems.
  • Our warranty: if we find activity during one of our check-ins, we’ll put 50% of previously paid monitoring fees toward the cost of a treatment plan for your home.

Year-Round Protection From Termites

While termites often swarm at the beginning of the warm season (March to May), you can experience infestations all year. For the most comprehensive protection, year-round monitoring is your best bet. When you partner with PCT, our termite exterminators in Norristown will provide three seasonal check-ins to examine areas of wood-to-soil contact. If we find signs of activity, we’ll have a range of solutions available to nip the problem before it begins. Your home deserves the best, so let us give it the guaranteed protection it needs to be safe from these destructive pests. 

Save $100 on termite treatment today!

Mosquito Control in Norristown

When you picture a perfect afternoon in the yard, what you don’t imagine is mosquitoes! These parasitic pests will not only rob you of enjoying your yard, but they can also expose you to a range of dangerous diseases such as West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, and Yellow Fever. If you’re sick of swatting, let your neighbors at Pest Control Technicians make things easy. Our eco-friendly mosquito control in Norristown will exterminate infestations around your home and make your property less hospitable to them, giving you the relief you deserve. 

When you partner with PCT for mosquito control in Norristown, you can expect: 

  • A thorough same-day inspection to find out where mosquitoes are breeding and gathering.
  • Advice and assistance from your expert exterminator in Norristown on how to remove any areas of standing water containing mosquito larvae.
  • Spray and exterior drain treatments with organic products. 
  • Our satisfaction guarantee: if they return, we will, too!

Eco-Friendly Relief from Mosquitoes

Many DIY mosquito treatments only shoo these pests away (usually stinking up your yard in the process!). For lasting protection from mosquitoes, turn to your experts at PCT. Our treatments are defined by our commitment to utilizing the best organic products to reduce populations and halt their reproduction cycle. Instead of buying more tiki torches, call our exterminators today at 610-275-7378 for professional service today!

Bed Bug Treatment in Norristown

Bed bugs can enter your home by stowing away on your clothes, luggage, or secondhand furniture. They are among the most difficult pests to get rid of on your own because they can burrow deeply into upholstery, sheets, and crevices around your bed. The easiest way to tell if you’re dealing with these persistent pests is your own skin is the appearance of multiple itchy red bites after a night’s sleep. Rather than attempt ineffective DIY treatments, call PCT’s expert bed bug exterminators to return to a good night’s sleep.

When you call us for bed bug removal in Norristown, you know you’ll receive:

  • A thorough inspection from a friendly, knowledgeable technician trained in PPE usage, pest identification, and customer service on the day you contact us.
  • A custom treatment plan that reflects the severity and spread of your bed bug infestation. 
  • Multiple treatment options, including low-prep and standard treatments. 
  • 2-3 bed bug treatments to fully eliminate the insects and put your mind to rest.  

Save up to $50 on bed bug treatment

How to Identify a Bed Bug Infestation

When should you call PCT for a free bed bug inspection? Look for the following signs: 

  • A raised red bug bite or flat welt that itches, usually on exposed skin. 
  • A musky, unpleasant odor from your bed or other upholstery. 
  • Small blood stains on your sheets (especially when they coincide with the locations of bites).
  • Remnants of bed bugs’ shed skins, or rust-colored excrement stains.

Rodent Control in Norristown

If you see just one mouse in your house, odds are that there are more. Given that one female mouse can produce over 80 babies in a single year, what starts as a mouse sighting can lead to a full-blown infestation. Rodent control is no joke. Whether it’s mice or rats, they can contaminate food supplies, destroy your insulation, cause fire hazards by chewing on wires, and even spread illnesses like salmonella and hantavirus. With 40 years of industry experience, Pest Control Technicians Inc. has the knowledge and tools to safely get rid of your rodent problem for good - guaranteed!

Family Friendly Solution to Your Rodent Problem

Rodent extermination doesn’t have to include exposing your family to dangerous toxins. At PCT, we are committed to exterminating rodents using methods that are gentle to the environment and safe for your family. Plus, we offer same-day inspections and service so you can get rid of rodents quickly.

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with PCT for rodent control in Norristown:

  • An inspection of your home to determine the level of rodent infestation.
  • Placement of baited traps for fast removal.
  • Exclusion measures to make sure future rodents don’t find their way back inside.
  • Whole-home fumigation for severe infestations.
  • Available monthly service plans and follow-up visits.
  • Saturday service to fit busy schedules.
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Eliminate Pests Once and For All

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