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House Mouse

The most commonly encountered of all rodent species. Mice are also vectors for certain diseases […]

Yellow Jackets

This nasty insect is not a bee but is more closely related to wasps and […]

Eastern Subterranean Termite

Termites cause over a billion dollars of damage each year to structures across the United […]

Stink Bug

Generally found outdoors, brown marmorated stink bugs will find their way into homes and structures […]


There are over 35,000 species of spiders worldwide and about 3,000 native to the United […]


Silverfish have a characteristic silver color and cone shaped body and are about 1/2 inch […]


Pill bugs are actually crustaceans, and more closely related to crabs than to insects. Nesting […]

Oriental Cockroach

Oriental roaches are found through out the world. In warmer climates oriental roaches can live […]

Norway Rat

Norway rats are the largest of all rat species. They are found through out the […]


Millipedes, sometimes called “thousand leggers” are found throughout the United States. They are brown and […]

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