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Sac Spider

Most people have a natural fear of spiders and are not comfortable having them around. If you live in Pennsylvania, you live with sac spiders. Sac spiders are known for biting people and will even bite repeatedly as they crawl across the skin. The bite can be quite painful and will burn. The burn will last for an hour or more, then a rash or blister will form in the next ten hours or so. The bite can cause edema, erythema and severe itching. More severe symptoms can include fever, muscle cramps, malaise and nausea. Two species of sac spiders that can be found in Pennsylvania are the agrarian (black footed yellow) and broad faced.

Identification of Agrarian & Broad-Faced Sac Spiders

Sac spiders are about ¼ of an inch long and have eight eyes arranged in two rows. Agrarian sac spiders are light yellow to cream in color with dark brown jaws, tips of the tarsi, and palps. They have a darker colored dorsal stripe running down the abdomen. Broad faced sac spiders are reddish-brown in color and covered with what appear to be tiny punctures. Their abdomen is pale yellow to light gray with a slightly darker dorsal strip. Their front legs are thicker and darker and become thinner and lighter towards the back. Sac spiders do not create webs. They create flat silk tubes and sacs that they will spend the day in. They are active hunters that will hunt their prey rather than capturing it in a web. They are active at night which is when bites to humans become more common as they can get trapped between a person’s skin and sheets, shoes, clothing, etc.

Sac Spider Infestation Prevention

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