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These biting insects not only cause painful bites but can easily spread disease. Most likely to affect your four-legged friends, fleas can also latch on to human hosts, exposing you to diseases like typhus and tularemia. In addition to applying flea treatment to your pets, it’s also a good idea to safeguard your home.

Facts About Fleas:

  • Female fleas must have a blood meal to produce eggs for the next generation of fleas
  • Deposits its eggs on an animal then the eggs eventually fall off and scatter through out your home.
  • Vacuuming helps collect adult fleas but will not control an infestation
  • Can jump vertically up to 6 inches
  • Fleas can lie dormant for as long as 6 months waiting for a meal. Fleas respond to the carbon dioxide exhaled by mammals as a queue to wake up and feed.



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