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American Cockroach

This insect originated in Africa, not America and spread throughout the world via old world shipping networks. The American cockroach is one that is not able to just live in the cold temperatures if they go lower than 15 degrees. That does not mean that they cannot find a way to get through it. They are able to get in a house or a building they can live through the winter with access to food and a warm place to nest and live.

Facts about the American Cockroach:

  • The “granddaddy” of the most common roaches found in our area. Can grow up to 2 1/8 inches long!
  • Mostly a problem in commercial buildings, but will occasionally infest homes, especially row or townhouses where insects can move from home to home
  • Likes high temperatures and favors places like steam tunnels
  • The egg capsule can contain up to 16 eggs
  • These insects will also “fly” or more accurately glide when disturbed. Most species of roaches where named for enemies of their home countries. A Frenchman named the German Roach!


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