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Boxelder Bug

Boxelder bugs are seasonal pests that become a problem in the fall of the year and occasionally at other times as well. These insects prefer female boxelder trees, but will also infest maple trees as well. These pests gather on buildings to warm themselves as the air temperature falls, and will find their way into buildings through small openings around windows or weep holes.

  • Immature Boxelder bugs are a scarlet red color and can be found in trees where branches meet the trunk
  • Boxelder bugs have very limited food sources, namely the seeds or “whirlybird” seed pods that spin their way to the ground
  • Often boxelder bugs will move from a considerable distance to sun themselves on large structures
  • Does not bite or sting, and will die when they enter buildings due to the lack of food and moisture

Fun Fact: Boxelder bugs are sometimes called “Halloween Bugs” because they appear to be a problem around Halloween.

Control measures usually involve power spraying the infested building exterior. Closing holes where these insects enter is also very important, and a long term form of control. When Halloween bugs say “trick or treat” take the trick and call Pest Control Technicians, Inc. for fast reliable service, that’s our Halloween treat to you!

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