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Are Squirrels A Problem?

During the fall, many animals follow their natural instincts to find shelter for the winter months ahead. Squirrels will be looking for nesting opportunities everywhere, especially in house attics and wall voids.  They will find a small edge to chew on, and in most cases, they will chew a hole large enough to enter the attic area of a home. Once the squirrels have entered, it is also possible that other squirrels will find this opening through their sense of smell and the nest will grow.

Our permanent solution to this problem is not trapping. We use a system where we attach a one-way door over the opening that allows the animals to exit, but not re-enter. This is a much more humane system than trapping the animals outright. We return a few weeks later to remove the door and close the hole so they cannot get back in. Problem solved!

Tips for Squirrel Proofing your Home

  • Cut back all trees so they are at least 3 feet away from your home.
  • Do not feed the squirrels - this is an invitation to stay close to the food source while looking for a nesting area.
  • Be careful with garden decorations such as trellises that might allow the squirrels to climb.

Don't let wildlife inside ruin your cozy winter.

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