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Bee, Wasp, Yellow Jacket and Hornet Control

Let Pest Control Technicians takes the sting out of stinging insect control! In Southeastern Pennsylvania we have a large number of stinging insect species. This leads to a high number of people and pets getting stung by stinging insects each year. The venom that is injected by the stinging insect can cause anaphylactic shock, a potentially fatal condition in about 3% of all people. When stinging insects are alarmed they secrete a pheromone that tells other stinging insects in the nest that they are under attack and these insects will rush out to sting the attacker.

Many people get stung when they just happen to come upon a nest by accident and wind up getting stung and possibly chased around by angry bees or hornets. Yellow Jackets prefer ground nests under rocks or other objects, but will also nest in wall voids of homes. Wasps build their paper nests in protected areas such as around windows of a home. Hornets like to nest high up in trees or on our homes. Carpenter bees infest wood from ground level up but rarely sting anyone. Bumble Bees nest in the ground in protected areas. It is always a good idea to look around for stinging insect activity before you start setting up for a picnic, gardening or tree trimming. If you have small children playing in your yard look around first before you let the little ones out to play. If you see stinging insect activity you probably have a stinging insect nest in or around your home.


What About the Wasp or Hornet Nest?

A few points that I would like to address about stinging insects. The nest will be gone when it gets cold. False. Actually what happens is that the insects will move to the warmth inside your home. Insects will begin emerging inside the home since it is too cold outside and their natural food supply is gone. Many people get stung on the inside of their own home! Don’t put yourself and family in danger call Pest Control Technicians right away!

Wasp Removal

If you are having a picnic try to avoid using beverage cans or other containers that are not clear. Provide cups to your guests. Every year people are stung on their lips, mouth, tongue, and throat because a bee flew into their beer or soda can and then stung the person when they went to take a drink. People die every year from bee stings since the sensitive areas in your mouth and throat swell up when stung by a bee. People die when their wind pipe is swollen shut and they suffocate.

Call PCT for Wasp, Hornet, Yellow Jacket or Bee Removal

Needless to say stinging insect control is not a do it yourself job especially if the nest is high off the ground and ladders are required to treat the nest. This is a job for the professional who knows the different species of stinging insects and how to properly approach the nest and treat it with professional products. Let Pest Control Technicians take the danger and the sting out of stinging insect control! See bees, call us, we will be right over!

We were recently published in the Pest Management Professional Magazine.