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Bed Bug

Bed bugs are once again becoming a big problem across the United States. Bed bugs feed on blood and prefer human blood, but will also feed on chickens and other animals. Bed bugs leave a line of bite marks on skin that run along the fold of a bed sheet.

  • Feeds on humans when they are sleeping or sitting still for long periods of time. Their bite is painless.
  • Will forage over 15 feet from their nesting area and move from room to room easily
  • Prefers to rest in cracks and crevices, inside mattresses and box springs, bed frames and chests of drawers, as well as picture frames on walls
  • Can be extremely difficult to eliminate

Fun Fact: Bed bugs feed on human blood but have not been found to transmit disease.

Control measures for bed bugs are extensive, including placing the mattress and box spring in bags to prevent re-infestation. Requires multiple treatments and extensive preparation to be successful. Sleep tight, but if the bed bugs, bite call Pest Control Technicians, Inc. the area leader in effective bed bug elimination!

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