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Save Up to $100 on Bed Bug Treatment

Tired of losing sleep over bed bugs? Eliminate your infestation once and for all with the help of your local experts at Pest Control Technicians, Inc. who has over 40 years of experience! Our thorough eco-friendly bed bug treatment will have you sleeping soundly again before you know it. 

Save up to $100 today!

Bed Bug Treatment in Philadelphia

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Bed bugs are one of the most frustrating pests to deal with as a homeowner. No matter how diligent of a housekeeper you are, these blood-sucking pests can hitch a ride into your home on furniture, clothing, and other fabric items and then set up shop in your home before you even know they are there. Here at Pest Control Technicians Inc., our team has been protecting homes, health, and families since 1976. We have designed our bed bug treatments to be fast, effective, and affordable while being gentle on your family and our planet. 

Guaranteed Service From Expert Bed Bug Exterminators 

Bed bugs are a tough pest to beat due to their ability to burrow deep within your furniture, carpet, and into the cracks and crevices of your home. At PCT, our team of expert bed bug exterminators is rigorously trained through online and in-field courses to provide the most efficient and effective service. With knowledge in proper PPE usage, chemical handling and storage, pest identification, and customer service, they are equipped to treat your infestation and get rid of bed bugs with ease. 

When you partner with us for bed bug treatment, you can look forward to the following:

  • A free same-day inspection to assess the severity of your bed bug infestation.
  • A customized treatment plan utilizing a combination of organic family-and-pet-friendly solutions, including dust and chemical treatments.
  • An easy-to-follow bed bug treatment prep sheet explained by your knowledgeable and friendly bed bug exterminators.
  • Options for standard and low-preparation treatments. 
  • 2-3 services to eliminate the infestation completely.

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How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Awareness is the first step in preventing a bed bug infestation. Knowing the signs of an infestation can help you know to call an expert before your infestation gets out of hand. Likewise, recognizing the types of fabrics that attract bed bugs (rough textures they can cling to) can help you know which materials to be extra careful with. 

Ways to prevent bug bugs:

  • Wash clothing and linens immediately when you return from a trip.
  • Vacuum luggage thoroughly after your travel.
  • Wash all bedding and pillows weekly with hot water and dry with high heat to destroy bed bugs and their eggs.
  • Launder curtains and vacuum carpets and rugs. 
  • Vacuum your mattresses and box springs regularly.
  • Inspect second-hand furniture carefully before bringing it into your home.

Bed Bugs and Traveling

As traveling and staying in hotels or AirBnBs are the most common way bed bugs come into your home, here are specific ways to prevent bed bugs when traveling: 

  • Perform a thorough inspection of the bed—including mattress, bed frame, and bedding—for signs of bed bugs. 
  • Examine baseboards, nearby furniture, and any other nooks and crannies in the vicinity. 
  • Avoid unpacking your bag—don’t put items in the drawers or closets.
  • Rezip it after you get out what you need.

Save up to $100 on bed bug treatment today!

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Despite their misleading name, bed bugs can take up residence in many places besides your bed. These insects often will establish themselves all around your bedroom, generally within 20 feet of your bed itself. When you’re inspecting your home for bed bugs, you should pay extra attention to the following areas:

  • Dressers and nightstands.
  • Curtains and curtain rods.
  • Alarm clocks and electronic devices.
  • Electrical outlet covers.
  • Computer keyboards. 

Bed Bug Treatment FAQ

Homeowners often have a lot of questions about bed bugs. There are a lot of myths about these pests, and it can often be startling to find out you have an infestation. Below, we’ve put together an FAQ for all your questions about bed bug treatment in Philadelphia. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us at 610-275-7378 to talk with one of our expert bed bug exterminators!

Q: How did I get bed bugs in the first place?

A: Bed bugs can originate from nearly anywhere, but they are common in areas that see a lot of contact with the public. More often than not, your infestation came from contact with infested furniture in hotels, motels, and other lodging establishments. Furniture and clothing from second-hand venues could also transfer bed bugs into your home.

Q: What is a bed bug?

A: Bed bugs are part of the Cimicidae family. They are small insects, with adults growing no larger than an apple seed. They are brown, oval-shaped and flat, becoming bloated and red-tinted after feeding. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects and feed when they are active. They feast on warm-blooded hosts, with human blood being their primary choice. Bed bugs adapt easily to their surroundings and environment.

Q: Where do bed bugs hide during the day?

A: The bed is the most likely place you’ll find bed bugs. You should begin your search at the mattress itself, inspecting the corners of bed seams along with the bed frames, headboards, bedding, and your box spring. Bed bugs will even hide in surrounding areas like furniture, behind peeling paint, wooden floorboards, alarm clocks, picture frames, and so on. In most cases, bed bugs have been documented hiding in crevices approximately 10-20 feet from where you sleep.

Q: What happens when a bed bug bites you?

A: Bed bugs have two hollow tubes in their mouth that they inject into the skin during the initial bite. The first tube injects an anticoagulant anesthetic fluid that bed bugs use to keep the blood flowing, and the other tube is used to suck the blood of their host. A bed bug typically consumes blood for approximately five minutes before it returns to its sanctuary. Additionally, bed bugs will emerge at dusk to get their sustenance.

Q: Do I need to be worried if I suspect I was bitten by a bed bug?

A: When the bed bug first bites down, it is not even noticeable, but minutes or hours later you might experience discomfort. The bite mark is either a flat welt or a raised red bump. Depending on individual sensitivity, it may be severely itchy or barely noticeable. Unless you have a bed bug allergy that causes rash or irritation, bed bug bites are usually just an itchy nuisance.

Q: What can I do for the itching from bed bug bites?

A: Anti-itch cream can help ease the irritation caused by bed bug bites.

Q: I found a bed bug. Now what?

A: If you discover bed bugs, resist the urge to sleep on a couch or different bed. Bed bugs will just follow you to the new location and spread out their numbers into the next room. Contact a professional for bed bug treatment in Philadelphia as soon as possible.

Q: How do you tell if you have a bed bug infestation?

A: Some red flags that might indicate bed bugs are the following:

  • Pungent musky odors released by bed bugs’ glands.
  • Small red blood stains on your sheets or pillows.
  • Rust-colored spots of excrement on your linens.
  • Multiple itchy red bite marks along your body that are in alignment.
  • Shed bed bug skins.

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Commercial Bed Bug Treatment

If you have bed bugs, you need to address them quickly. This is especially true if they are affecting your business. Bed bugs can hop onto your customers and make it back to their homes, causing unnecessary damage to your brand. Since bed bugs are so hard to deal with, you need an expert to assess your situation and apply the most effective treatments. This is why we offer commercial bed bug treatment.

Our commercial bed bug treatment can help the following businesses:

  • Restaurants 
  • Highrise apartments
  • Food processing 
  • Food distribution centers 
  • Office buildings 
  • Daycare centers 
  • Hospitals
  • Medical offices
  • Nursing facilities 
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Supermarkets 
  • Retail stores
  • Industrial buildings
  • Country clubs 
  • Hotels 
  • Bakeries

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